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 All things Food consultancy 

Analyze  |  Solve  | Implement

We are a consulting company focused on providing food program and product development to clients in the food industry from restaurants to food manufacturers. We were established in 2012 and our headquarters are now in Atlanta, GA.  



Chef Lara is a solutions architect who operates much differently than most consultants. She crafts and implements solutions to challenges food based companies are having.

Centered Table Co. provides consulting services for small to midsized food based organizations. 

Couple Cooking


Get on Chef Lara's exclusive VIP list. As a traveling chef she is able to cater to 5 clients a year as a private/personal chef. She works with individuals and corporations. 



From getting shelf stable products to market to creating allergen friendly programs in foodservice, we solve problems productively. 

Fresh Pretzels

Brainstorming Sessions

If you are stuck on a concept or need a creative, think outside of the box session, we can build brainstorming sessions and focus groups for you that either gets it out of your head to concept or puts it to bed.

Meeting the Staff
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