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Our products are all natural, locally sourced, hypoallergenic, sustainable, sugar free, vegan, human grade treats for dogs. We believe in, eating our own dog food; literally therefore every product is chef tested prior to being packaged. 


Our dog treats are packed with high fiber and protein. Using the spent grain (a super grain no longer needed after making beer) from microbreweries to create nutritious, delicious, gourmet dog treats. 

Our human & animal treats are always FREE of Nuts, Soy, Peanuts, Dairy, Oats, Sesame, & Latex.(Allergy Friendly)

Spent Grain contains no alcohol, hops or sugar. They are 20% higher in fiber and protein than most whole grains. 

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Where to buy 

Take your dog and visit local breweries and shops to purchase these treats. It's a great social experience. We've created a special batch at each brewing company featuring their own spent grain.


Currently available at: 

Floral Park Market

775 Trabert Ave NW

Atlanta, GA 30318

Urban City Market (Across from the Westside Cultural Arts Center on 10th Street NW) 

1016 Howell Mill Road #3208

Atlanta, GA 30318


Arches Brewing 

3361 Dogwood Drive


Red Brick Brewing 

2323 Defoor Hills Rd 


Floral Park Market

775 Trabert Ave NW

Atlanta, GA 30318


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Contact us by email or phone:  



Ph:(678) 720-8845

Red Brick Brewing
Floral Park Market

Healthy Bark (TM) Sell Sheet

Click here to link to Healthy Bark's Sell Sheet. We have wholesale and retail pricing available. 

Founders of Healthy Bark (TM) 


His love of craft beer combine with her love of creating fresh, safe, healthful foods tied with their devotion to helping communities have less hunger and less waste took Melvin "Fish Scales" Adams & Chef Lara Holland into the business of creating spent grain dog treats.

"I was tackling issues of hunger, health and food waste daily in my business ventures. Meanwhile, Scales was reading an article, in Beer Advocate magazine on how breweries in other parts of the world were addressing food waste and hunger.


That same week I was talking to a food bank about how to decrease food waste while solving hunger issues. I never thought we'd start with dog treats first, but "Scales" kept coming back to it, so we rolled with it." Chef Lara says. 

We first made spent grain flour, which makes super awesome human treats, like Chef Lara's blackened spent grain chicken and her pumpkin squares. (Click to see recipes) 


We saw that people really loved their dogs and food for both humans and dogs was needed at the breweries themselves. The culture of many breweries was about bringing family, friends & dogs. Dog treats also seemed like the natural fit.


We made them to be human grade. After a bunch of R&D with local dogs, vets and pet allergist, 100 visits to a dog shelters, and a few walks in late November, we launched Healthy Bark.

Because Chef Lara is certified in food allergen management, and personally manages 11+ allergies, we felt it was critical to make these treats hypoallergenic for pets facing allergies as well as humans in need of safe food handling. In addition we considered other medically necessary diets so they just so happen to be vegan and sugar free too. 


A portion of Healthy Bark profits go directly to local nonprofits.


Fish Scales & Chef Lara

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