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I want to thank you so much for being single-handily  the BEST decision ever made by Creative Cakery. I am truly grateful for all the things you have created and implemented for us. The "lemonlicious bars" and "creative carrot" you created for us have developed quite a following in our store.

Laurie Newkirk, Owner

Long Beach, CA

Lara Holland consulted with Boxcar Grocer (a healthy corner store)  in the areas of inventory management, buying, staffing, prep kitchen management, food costing, and marketing.  At the time of her involvement with The Boxcar Grocer, we were in a state of operational dysfunction and lack of understanding regarding operational necessities and she assisted us in better understanding our business model and areas of improvement.  While our own inadequacies did not allow us to follow thru with all of her suggestions and strategies during the allotted timeframe, we most definitely learned and tremendously grew from our involvement with Lara.  Our time with her and her colleagues allowed us to more clearly see the path set before The Boxcar Grocer and we are now equipped with more tools with which to succeed.

Alphonzo Cross, Owner

Atlanta, GA

Lara and I have worked together on numerous projects over the last several years from nutritional analysis, allergen training to operations assessments. We research client systems and processes and make targeted recommendation relevant to improvements in efficiency, product quality and guest satisfaction.

Her professional approach and skills are outstanding which results in our ability to attract clients with the confidence we can deliver outstanding service and results.

Danny Bendas, Partner

Southern California

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